Legal Video Services

Pre-Trial Services

Mixed-media production expertise that makes a difference at court. If you have an upcoming trial, mediation, or hearing, call us to arrange a consultation and quote.

Smart Trial

Save time and ease your trial schedule with Smart Trial support from LVS. We can scan, print, and bind your paper exhibits while organizing your digital copies in a software database so you can present your exhibits or video from your own laptop or tablet.

Image of binders of trial information

Graphics & Slideshows

Presenting the right image at the right time can be the key to a compelling argument. Our experienced litigation technologists know how to craft the perfect demonstrative and incorporate it into a persuasive presentation.

Image of illustration of describing and showing details to a jury in the courtroom


LVS graphic designers transform complex issues and materials into easy-to-understand visuals that juries comprehend and appreciate. From large-scale machinery to the most intricate details of the human body, animation gives the jury a clear understanding of complex structure and terminology.

Still image of a trial animation

Interactive Timelines

When your case involves multiple events spanning a period of time, interactive timelines are ideal. Complex events can be broken down into manageable units of time, making it easier for the jury to digest the sequence of events.

Still image of an interactive timeline

Media Conversion

LVS technologists can digitize legacy media to modern video and audio formats.  Converting surveillance video from proprietary viewers to user-friendly file types is a specialty of LVS.

Image of old video media

Medical Film Digitization

Legacy medical imaging materials, such as X-ray films, are digitized for ease of use in depositions and trials.

Image of a physical x-ray

Fetal Heart Monitor Strips

LVS offers customized and interactive fetal heart monitor strip programming for ease of presentation and explanation in the courtroom. Our software makes these cumbersome rolls of printout easy to manage and understand.

Still image of an interactive fetal heart monitor strip

Technology solutions for today’s legal environment

Remote/Hybrid videography and presentation expertise that makes a difference at court.

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