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LVS has been providing the Chicagoland legal community with high-quality video depositions since the 1980s. We have developed a reputation as a name that national court reporting firms can trust to take care of their clients as well as we take care of our own. As the years went on, we have strived to be at the forefront of new deposition technologies like streaming applications as well as being the first to adopt Picture-In-Picture exhibits directly into live video depositions.

Remote Depositions

2020 has led to some dramatic changes to the way lawyers conduct business. Remote video conferencing depositions have quickly become popular and LVS is here to help you with the transition. We also have the ability to incorporate PIP exhibits into your remote deposition video.

Still image of a live stream desposition

Picture-in-Picture Depositions

Imagine a typical video deposition as it’s being played back to a jury. The witness is looking at an exhibit but all the jury sees is the back of the paper as they are left to guess what the exhibit shows. With picture-in-picture technology, however, the jury sees not just the deponent, but the exhibit as well. Documents. Charts. Maps. EKGs. X-rays. If it can be shown on a monitor we can incorporate it into your video deposition.

Image of car crash case with picture-in-picture example

Synced Depositions

Syncing your deposition video with the transcript can be a powerful tool when you need it most. Using trial presentation software, synced depositions can be searched and edited by your trial tech at a moment’s notice. LVS’s trial techs can work with you to prepare your depositions for courtroom playback and video impeachment of key witnesses.

Image of a trial tech using a synced deposition

Live Stream Depositions

LVS’s live camera video stream takes internet real-time reporting and adds the power of video. Attorneys and clients in remote locations can view the witness and transcript in real-time. This is similar to a Remote Deposition but the videographer is live with the witness and the feed is streamed from a camera instead of the witness’s laptop.

Image of a live-stream deposition

Editing Services

Our editors are experienced, our precision is exact and our turnaround time is unmatched. To make your deposition playback more effective we also offer modern courtroom equipment rentals and savvy trial technologists.

Image of a video editing board

Technology solutions for today’s legal environment

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