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Video documentaries can have a level of influence that is unmatched by verbal testimony. The emotional impact of seeing through another person’s eyes makes Documentary video a smart addition to any trial attorney’s toolkit.

Day-In-The-Life Documentaries

Through Day-In-The-Life Documentaries, LVS expertly tells a story that walks you through the hardships of your client’s daily activities. Woven together, the small details of life, like tying shoes or getting dressed in the morning, can help a juror not just understand the hardships but feel it in a way that resonates. If you have a client with hardships, schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your case.

Still image of a day-in-the-life video documentary

Video Settlement Documentaries

Settlement Documentaries are an effective call to action to insurance carriers, opposing counsel, and mediators. They present a human face to your case along with sequential and persuasive evidence that you will win should your case go to trial. Video settlement documentaries may include family interviews, re-creations, expert testimony, and graphics, carefully edited for clear and convincing understanding. If you have an upcoming mediation, schedule a free consultation today.

Still image of a video settlement documentary

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