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Legal Visual Services (LVS) is one of the nation's leading courtroom visual media services and technology providers. Combining creativity with a technical, client-oriented mindset makes our services the most sought after in the legal support marketplace. We are your partners throughout your trial from discovery through closing, shooting high quality video depositions, providing effective digital courtroom presentations and designing demonstrative graphics and animations for trials, mediations and arbitrations.
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Who we are…

LVS is Chicago‚Äôs best source for legal technology from discovery through closing arguments. Since 1985, we have developed a reputation that attorneys and national court reporting firms trust. 

LVS is at the forefront of current deposition technologies, such as remote depositions and trials, and was a pioneer in offering live Picture-In-Picture recording during video depositions.

Services we offer…

Trial attorneys must present a persuasive and compelling argument – mixed-media can be the key to convincing your jury and winning your case.

Depositions – Live / Remote / PIP

Pre-Trial Services

Courtroom Technology