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LVS is Chicago’s best source for legal technology from discovery through closing arguments. Since 1985, we have developed a reputation that attorneys and national court reporting firms trust. 

LVS is at the forefront of current deposition technologies, such as remote depositions and trials, and was a pioneer in offering live Picture-In-Picture recording during video depositions.

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Trial attorneys must present a persuasive and compelling argument – mixed-media can be the key to convincing your jury and winning your case.

Depositions – Live / Remote / PIP

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When I make my final preparations for trial my first call is to LVS. LVS provides everything I need to prove my case. They have a team of problem solvers that allow me to concentrate on trying my case. They worry about logistics and I worry about my client. I don't go to trial without LVS.

Christopher T. Hurley Hurley, McKenna, & Mertz, P.C.

Technology solutions for today’s legal environment

Remote/Hybrid videography and presentation expertise that makes a difference at court.

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