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LVS is Chicago’s best source for legal technology from discovery through closing arguments. Since 1985, we have developed a reputation that attorneys and national court reporting firms trust. 

LVS is at the forefront of current deposition technologies, such as remote depositions and trials, and was a pioneer in offering live Picture-In-Picture recording during video depositions.

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Trial attorneys must present a persuasive and compelling argument – mixed-media can be the key to convincing your jury and winning your case.

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Since 2015, Legal Visual Services has given their time and resources to help us produce video testimonials from former A Safe Haven residents who have gone on to achieve independence. By helping us to share these success stories, Legal Visual Services not only acts as an advocate on behalf of our residents, but spreads a message of hope to the community; we are grateful for this important contribution.

Neli Vasquez Rowland A Safe Haven Foundation

Technology solutions for today’s legal environment

Remote/Hybrid videography and presentation expertise that makes a difference at court.

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